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When you step into my realm, you're not just a student or a client – you're a cherished member of the Cult, forever and ever amen. As your mentor and guide, I pledge to elevate your skills to new heights, pouring my heart and soul into every aspect of your journey.  I'm in the business of transformations, and delivering results that exceed your expectations, with a strict no gatekeeping policy. 

This is our space to thrive, evolve, grow our brains, and elevate. With open arms, I welcome you into the Cult.


Your fierce leader,

Lizzy x



I grew up in a household of struggle and scarcity, one of six children, in the Far North of New Zealand, where opportunities were few and far between. Life wasn’t particularly easy, and there was little to no evidence of an alternative way of living. School was no escape - a battleground, to say the least - and I despised being there. I left when I turned 16.


Transitioning from a job at McDonald’s to a job at a supermarket, I then found myself in a dead-end retail job, with no clear path forward and no role models to guide me. I felt like I was going nowhere fast. Until 2015, when fate intervened, guiding me toward a flicker of hope. And God knows I needed it. I was offered to ‘try’ applying lash extensions. I had always been obsessed with lashes and brows, filling in my friends' brows because they couldn’t nail the precision like I could, and applying their strip lashes before a night out, so I thought, ‘why not’. The moment I had those tweezers in my hands, it felt like coming home. For the first time in my entire life, I found passion. I found purpose. I found something that I enjoyed and was motivated to pursue wholeheartedly. It was a new lease on life. Learning the art of lash extensions in a dungeon-like basement and teaching myself how to do brows, I grabbed this newfound love with two hands and ran like the wind. Nothing and no one was taking this away from me. Within months, I was a fully booked lash and brow specialist, working full-time for myself, with audacious goals and ambitions larger than life. My head was down, and I was going for it.


From resorting to sleeping in my car and studio once or twice when things were really tough. To then taking over a 5-room commercial studio located in Whangarei’s CBD to service my loyal clientele, who had a 3-month-long waitlist, and living solo in a beautiful townhouse, this small-town farm kid was starting to make something of herself.




"You should be an inspirational speaker"

You should be an inspirational speaker and have your own podcast because not only are you beautifully inspiring to watch.. you are also amazing to listen to as well !! 😍 veerrryyyy inspirational! I love it 😍💯


"Please never stop sharing your passion!"

I've been following you for years!! And one of the first people that inspired me to first look into beauty and I fkn loved it, been on a big healing journey that unfortunately I started losing my drive and passion with beauty but slowly while I've been on a big self love journey and been watching your stories.

I'm slowly starting to feel that drive to get back into the industry!! But also trying to find my purpose...

So please never stop sharing your passion. Cause you're subconsciously helping others be inspired and to continue their journey with being their own boss 💯 you inspire me everyday.



"Forever the best in NZ in my eyes"

You are a wonderfull beautiful inspiration to all NZ artists. Forever the best in NZ in my eyes.

I've watched you for years, some of your posts have inspired me and now I'm able to buy a million dollar plus home! 

Worked so hard and when times get tough you post something like this! 

Makes it all worth it 🔥🔥

Thank you!

Building. Building. Building. The hustle was on. I had gone from rock bottom to renovating a big studio with my own bare hands, hiring and training staff from scratch, and building out an academy - all simultaneously. This is where I learned that asking for help is perfect. That I can’t expect myself to be an artist, boss, builder, painter, educator, creator, accountant, all rolled into one. It was hard, but it was a blessing in disguise - I ventured into seeking mentorship/coaching from someone who had been there and done it all before. Someone who could help me navigate the trenches and collapse time with my goals. And it changed my life.


Fast forward a couple of years, with many pivots, redirections, and overall adjustments, and the hard work was paying off. I spent 3 lavish months traveling around Europe with my partner, lapping up what the world has to offer. I took the stage as a keynote speaker. I was invited to a conference as a guest panelist. Awarded educator of the year finalist. Starred in a double-page spread, printed in NZ’s popular beauty mag. And just as importantly, I was living a fulfilling life on the Tutukaka Coast, doing what I love - a lash and brow educator + business coach and mentor.


And here I am today. I have learned to embrace challenges, celebrate victories, and never stop believing in myself. Successful in my own right, living a life that I literally could not have even dreamed of at 10, 16, 18 years old. I didn’t know this life was possible for me or that I deserved it - but it was, all along. And now I stand as a testament to the power of resilience, hard work, determination, discipline, and perseverance. Sharing my story as a beacon of hope. I'm living proof that no matter where you start or what challenges you face, the choice is always yours in the end.


Elevating brows. Lashes. Standards. Bank Accounts. The industry. Careers. Lives. I stand as a leader destined to create impact and change for those who refuse to accept mediocrity, deny settling for less than their worth, and who are eager to carve out their own path to success.

It all starts here.

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