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Private 1:1 Mentorship

For the entrepreneur who is ready to step into their power and operate at a higher frequency, while playing into big business and delicious life energy.

This space is 120% curated for YOU - tailored to your goals, desires and needs;


+ Burning “how-to” questions

+ Clarity and strategy for your next big business move

+ Business structure, process refinement, systems audit, automations

+ Create, launch, and build out your offer suite 

+ Increase your prices and revenue

+ Name your thing, my eyes will be on YOUR business.


Simultaneously, this is a safe space where you will meet your deepest levels of self-honesty and vulnerability in order to transcend any limiting beliefs, as we navigate thought patterns that may be keeping you “stuck”. You will learn to lead your business and life with purpose and conviction;


+ Building iron-clad confidence

+ Cultivating a positive mindset

+ Releasing perfectionism and overwhelm
+ Increasing your energetic capacity

+ Dissolving comparison, self-doubt, imposter syndrome

+ Name your thing, I HAVE GOT YOU!


NOTHING is off limits. You will be in close proximity to me (think powerhouse bestie on speed dial), where we will normalise expansive conversations, time-collapse your journey in business, and evolve into a HAPPY + WEALTHY HUMAN!


YOUR time has come to take radical responsibility and radical asf action for building a delicious business that works around an even more delicious life.
Grab it with two hands, and take it for yourself.


3 Month Private Mentorship $2k
• Fortnightly calls (x6)
• Voxer support
• Business + social media audit

• Pay in full
• Monthly Payments
• Weekly payments

Mentorship Application

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