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12 Week Private Coaching

The power of having another pair of eyes on your business can be the difference between your desires feeling completely out of reach, OR sitting pretty right in front of you. Now imagine where your business can go with two brains behind it.

This is your one-way ticket to the top, boss.

You're ready to elevate your business to new heights, and more than prepared to do what’s required of you to turn those dreams into reality. But you’re feeling uncertain and have question marks above your head. I get it. I see you. I got you.
With a delicious blend of energy and strategy, and me in your corner, we will work together to unleash your full potential, leaving a trail of dust behind you.
So, if you're serious about taking your business to the next level, step forward.
This is a space to solely focus on your success, and together, we're going to tick off some serious goals.

Your next level is on the other side of investing in yourself and your business. Grab it with two hands, take it for yourself, and let’s fricken’ go!

Think: Powerhouse Business Bestie on speed dial. Nothing's off-limits. I'll be right by your side as we fast-track your journey to your happiest, healthiest, wealthiest life.


  • These fortnightly calls are 60 minutes each. These calls can be used to workshop ideas, strategize business moves, dissect what is working/not working well for you + adjustments, or anything that needs attention and my eyes on it.

  • This is a private messaging app where we can communicate throughout the day (Mon-Fri) through voice memos and massaging. You will have direct 1:1 access to me which you can use to ask questions, lean in for support, brainstorm ideas, share your thoughts, ask for my opinions, and anything else! Nothing is off limits here.
    Think: Business Bestie on speed dial.

  • My eyes will be all over your business. I will assess the online elements within your business (Booking systems, website, any online platform) as well as social media platforms (Google, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc). From there we will discuss any areas that need fine-tuning and refining, to ensure your business is operating from a great foundation.

  • A business coach/mentor is your personal, dedicated ally in the pursuit of success. 
    An experienced, fearless navigator guiding you through the wild ride of entrepreneurship. Your coach provides personalised guidance, strategies, and support to help you thrive in both business and life.Think of them as your daring accomplice, fueling your courage to capitalise on challenges, seize opportunities, and shoot for the freakin' moon.

  • If you own a business or are starting up a business, THIS IS FOR YOU.
    If you are hungry for more and ready to dominate your industry, mentorship is for you. It's for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves, take charge of their destiny, and build a life they freaking love. If that sounds like you, then welcome to my world. Together, we'll unlock your full potential and make your dreams a reality.

  • We’re diving straight into the tranches and tackling it all.
    No excuses, no holding back, nothing off limits. Just you + me + your business + of course *your success*.

    + Burning “how-to” questions? Listen in.
    + Business structure, processes, systems, automations need refining? We’ll set you up for domination.
    + Need to gain clientele? Let’s get you fully booked.
    + Have an idea to create, launch, and build out an offer? Hold on to your seat, we’re skyrocketing this thing.
    + Ready to increase your prices and overall revenue? Best believe we’re making it happen.
    + Thinking of transitioning to a commercial space, taking on staff, or stepping into an educator role? Been there, done that. And so can you.
    + Name your thing, my eyes will be on YOU + YOUR business.

    There's more to it than strategy and logistics. We're here to crush those limiting thoughts, build you up with ironclad confidence, and slay any doubts or fears that dare try to stand in your way.

    THIS is where the power is.

12 Weeks Mentorship

Pay for your 12 week mentorship now and get started with the best in the business.

$999 NZD

12 Weeks Mentorship

12 Weeks Mentorship (Plan)

Sign up for your 12 week mentorship now and get started with weekly payments.

$999 NZD

"You should be an inspirational speaker"

You should be an inspirational speaker and have your own podcast because not only are you beautifully inspiring to watch.. you are also amazing to listen to as well !! 😍 veerrryyyy inspirational! I love it 😍💯

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