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Brow Lamination Masterclass

Brow Lamination Masterclass

Upon completion of the training program, you will reign supreme as a confident brow lamination artist, capable of transforming even the most unruly brows into works of art. 

You will have the power to elevate your clients' confidence, leaving them feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.

Give the people what they want. Enrol in Cult Duo Lash + Brow Academy now. 


Brow lamination has taken the industry - and the world - by storm. If you're currently offering brow services, adding brow lamination to your service menu is an absolute must. It's a no-brainer for attracting more clients and additional revenue!

This 1:1 private training has been extensively developed by a brow expert to offer you the most comprehensive theoretical curriculum as well as plenty of hands-on practical experience, allowing you to put your best foot forward and sit at the top in the world of brows.



  • • Comprehensive manual
    • 6 weeks post-training support
    • Consultation form and styling form
    • Suppliers list (professional products, tools, equipment)
    • Student discounts - for brow material suppliers
    • Student discount - 10% off future trainings w/ Cult Duo
    • Certificate of attendance
    • Certificate of Achievement, upon completion of case studies
    • Business necessity list, app recommendations, marketing tips

  • • 1 day. 9am-5pm, in-person on your chosen date
    • Full transparency for creating beautiful brow laminations
    • Covering the fundamentals of providing laminations + the science of lamination. Touching on tinting, hybrid dye, waxing, mapping and styling the brow
    • Live model demonstration
    • 2 x hands-on live model sets of brows, closely guided
    • How to take quality photos and videos, creating your portfolio
    • Much more

  • • Favourited lamination system (solution no.1, solution no.2, solution no.3)
    • Brow lam cling Film
    • Interdental brushes
    • Spoolies
    • Lip wands
    • Cotton pads
    • Cotton buds
    • Alcohol wipes
    - Provides 50+* Laminations
    *Per suppliers product description.

  • 119 Dent Street, Whangarei.

  • > The science of a brow lam - what is a brow lam?
    > Different ‘types’ of brow lam
    > Hair structure analysis
    > Hair porosity analysis
    > Consultation
    > pH levels
    > Contraindication and contra-actions
    > Over processing vs. under processed
    > Preparation, application, removal
    > Processing times + how to perform a control check
    > Tint/dye application for a lamination
    > Tint/dye ‘cheat sheet’ ratios
    > Aftercare and recommended maintenance
    > Recommended retail product
    > Troubleshooting
    > Dye processing times
    > Additional steps for a nourished brow
    > Target audience vs not ideal clientele
    > Trimming and waxing with a lamination
    > Add Product photos
    > Checklist of products
    > Step-by-step process for the service
    > Oils that are suitable for a lamination
    > Patch testing
    > Styling the brows in studio + at home
    > And more

  • Suitable for certified/experienced/confident brow artists who want to provide the best and be the best.
    If you are new to brow lamination or want to deepen your lamination knowledge - this training is for you.

    If you are completely new to the world of tint, dye, wax etc, please enrol in Brow Artistry Training prior to enrolling in Brow Lamination Masterclass.


Really just want to say thank you for the last 2 days, I appreciate your time and energy. Love love LOVED our 1 on 1 time, I love your vibe and everything about you x just thanks for everything and getting me started excited to see where I go with this x


Lizzy you are a star and have encouraged me and motivated me since day 1 of our brow course!


#1 Hype Girl ❤️‍🔥

Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏼 today was super educational and you were not lying you're my #1 hype girl ❤️‍🔥